Local Lunch Restaurant Information (in random order)

Pluto's - American Grill with simple and hearty menu (http://www.menuchannel.com/pa/pa3a.htm), but doesn't deliver
482 University Avenue, 853-1556
Pizza - Ramona Pizza: (650) 322-2181.
Avanti Pizza & Pasta - Italian, 650-854-1222
Spago - Creative American cuisine, influenced by Asia and the Mediterranean regions
265 Lytton Avenue, 833-1000
Gyros Gyros - Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine
498 University Avenue, 327-0107
Dar Bar Good Indian food, but was already ordered too many times this year.
Siam Royal - (650) 329-8129. Will deliver if you call two days in advance.
World Wrapps - http://www.worldwrapps.com/orderonline.html, 201 University, 327-9777.
Call about 1 hour ahead of time. You can also fax in your order to 650.327.8679. There is a fax machine across from Daphne's office. Used to large orders by phone. They label all items.
Su Hong - http://www.suhongeatery.com/diningroom/index.html,
4101 El Camino, 493-4664
Your average Chinese cuisine. They deliver and label items. Call about 1 hour ahead. The Lunch special is the inconspicuous last link on the top of the page.