Game Theory

Ben Blum, Daphne Koller, Christian Shelton

Game theory is a framework for describing the interrelated behavior of multiple agents acting rationally. We are interested in compact representations for structured games, including Multi-Agent Influence Diagrams (MAIDs). We are developing algorithms to exploit this structure in order to compute equilibria efficiently for large games, of the sort that might occur in real-world settings.


A Continuation Method for Nash Equilibria in Structured Games, Ben Blum, Christian R. Shelton, and Daphne Koller. International Joint Conference on Artifical Intelligence, 2003. (pdf)


GameTracer GameTracer is an application for calculating Nash equilibria in normal-form games. It implements the global Newton method of Govindan and Wilson (2001), as well as their iterative polymatrix approximation algorithm, a faster method without any theoretical guarantee of convergence. GameTracer is released under the GNU license, and can be compiled under Linux or Solaris. Unpack the archive into a directory and read the README for installation instructions.